Blondebean Coffee Co


Alexander Thomson


At a young age, Alexander realized his innate ability to help others in seeing the systems of their mind. He had realized how to help people in solving the problems that were often times created from their own thoughts. He engaged in the study of Psychology in college, where he flourished, graduating with a deep understanding of the inner workings of the Human psyche. Upon graduating from college, Alexander immediately entered the entrepreneurial world. Through collaborations on many revolutionary ventures, he gained the valuable knowledge and tools needed to operate a successful organization. Driven by his ability for cultivating wellbeing within people, combined with a wealth of knowledge on philanthropic business models, Alexander set out to develop a unique business model. Once uniting with his business partner, Michael Cox, the two realized that they were to help bring positive change the world through a new system. This is where the story of Blonde Bean Coffee Co. starts.

Michael Cox


Michael Cox has been expressing his entrepreneurial spirit and ability for interpersonal connection since childhood, encouraging people to embrace their innate talents while also discovering his own. He began working at an early age with an enthusiastic drive towards passionate practices that fueled collective visions to accomplish larger goals. While studying anthropology in college, he continued to develop notable leadership skills, innovative ideas for more positive business models, and a much deeper connection to and understanding of cultures outside his own. Aligning with his realized interpersonal capabilities, he established within himself a centralized platform to interact with the world, built on the understanding of unified and collective empowerment and a focus on progressive thinking and innovation. He met Alexander Thomson and they fostered a powerful vision to connect the global community through a new paradigm. Positive impact-centered business practices have given them the inspiration to continually produce new ways and concepts that will strengthen humanity.