Blondebean Coffee Co

About Us

From our humble beginnings to today, we're more than just a coffee company.

Roasting Since 2018

We founded Blondebean on the idea that we can use our business for good. We merged the smooth, nutty flavor of gold roast coffee with the warm feeling of positive global impact. We donate 10% of our profits to support various philanthropic organizations. We also make one good cup of joe – our organic blend contains rationalized coffee infusions and our unique roasting process helps preserve the natural integrity of the beans while creating a unique, tea-like flavor profile that will tickle your palette.

Our History

We spent years crafting our company and fine-tuning our roast. From the very beginning, we've had our eyes set on conservation and using our business for good. Our timeline showcases our journey from the very beginning to now.

2017 marks the beginning stages of Blondebean. From the time Alex & Michael met in April, to the physical creation of our company in August, to establishing relationships with non-profits in September. In December, we held our first tasting party for our delicious tea-like brew and the reception couldn’t have been better.

In 2018, we took our first trip to the farms where our coffee is grown and established relationships that will foster international expansion. We made our first promotional video, our first sale, and officially launched our company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about Blondebean? A lot, actually! From high caffeine content to our signature light, nutty flavor, Blondebean Coffee offers an alternative to dark roast blends that's lower in trans-fat and lighter on the palate.

Caffeine is a very heat-sensitive compound. Through a unique roasting process of high-quality beans we maintain a more “natural caffeine profile”. Our customers have reported a more “sustained lift” that seems to “last throughout the day”.

Blondebean’s gold roast coffee has a smooth, nutty flavor, light on the palette – whereas classically roasted coffee usually has a range of bitterness, and boldness, with pronounced acidic notes.

We chose our non-profit organizations based on their high ratings and overall reputability detailed at CharityWatch. Read more about them here.

We began our company in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

As a matter of fact, it is! Our coffee beans are slow roasted in low heat until the green beans reach a crisp, golden-blonde color, resulting in the light blonde color of the coffee itself.

Classic roast coffee may be unappealing to some people who have an aversion to it’s bold, bitter taste, so they drink tea as a caffeine alternative. Our gold roast coffee is slow roasted in low heat which results in a light, smooth flavor making it more akin to tea than coffee.

We source our beans from Indonesia, where it’s grown in permaculture style – spaced throughout many miles of jungle. The community who cares for the land there do so without the use of pesticides or chemicals, yet due to various US regulations, they cannot claim an Organic status, and as such, neither can we.